Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enters Here

Renfields is a blog that is an online depository of stories and random writings by me, CJ Sauter.  I am an unpublished hobby writer who is interested in writing fiction that involve aspects of horror, religion, supernatural, sci-fi and the fantastic.  The one novel I have completed writing is The Great Families: The Saxons.  The Great Families is a projected series (maybe 10) following the exploits of Alistair Saxon, a living servitor of a vampire.  It has been rejected by more publishers and agents than I can count, so I decided to try something different- to publish it online.

While The Great Families is a YA novel, not all that is posted up here is appropriate for minors. In an attempt to ensure that visitors can choose what they want to read without being offended, I am keeping this page the the man page. To read ANY of my posts, you have to click on the categories. If you ‘follow’ my blog, I cannot determine which material is sent to you as all posts from this blog will be sent to you.

Read my posts- offer feedback or ideas, and even contribute your own stories!  If you like what you see- invite others to this site!  In all honesty, I do not expect this site to take off or even become much read.  With that said, I also don’t want my writings to languish and die on my computer without being shared!

I will be posting a chapter or two of The Great Families: The Saxons weekly, until the whole novel is posted.

To read my posts, visit the categories or click on the links below.

The subreddit page for The Flock: includes a fictional story with elements from my life. Parental Guidance is suggested.

The Flock This website houses the missionary work for The Flock. Please check uit out- The Flock always accepts new members.

Great Families, Part One: The Saxons has chapters from Part One of my first novel The Great Families: The Saxons. Appropriate for young adults.

Part Two of The Saxons: The story continues in Part Two of my first novel The Great Families: The Saxons. Appropriate for young adults.

Random Short Stories and Abandoned Novels have random stories and ‘prologues’ that I have written. Mostly appropriate for young adults.

Contributing Authors is a place for others who would like to post their stories to do so.  Please visit the category for more information! No rating here, as it is a hodgepodge of writings.

I have started the second novel in the series: The Santiagos.  Though I have largely abandoned it- Alistair, Neve and Jaime seem to be bugging me, wanting me to complete their story.  Maybe one day I will.


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